Football Injury Reports




Football Injury Reports

Football injuries impact sports betting and fantasy football. So, timely and accurate information is critical. Here, we provide the latest news on football injuries that could impact your decisions.

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We analyze football injuries to NFL players to support you when it’s time to make winning decisions for sports betting or setting a fantasy lineup.
The better the team’s health, the higher your chances to win. We use our specialized algorithms and years of expertise, and well-researched data to give you a crystal-clear view of football injuries. For football, we share reports mainly across four position groups – offensive skills positions, defensive line, offensive line, and secondary. You can confidently base your decisions on our reports.
Football Injury Report

Types of injury

The high impact of the sport can leave players with a variety of different football injuries. The most common football injuries are:

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Causes of Injury

The physical force applied to either bringing opponents to the ground or resisting being brought to the ground makes football players prone to injuries on their bodies.
Knee injuries are the most common in football. These injuries can adversely affect a player’s performance and long-term participation in the sport.
The sign of (-) means the player is not listed.
IR refers to Injured Reserve, while PUP refers to Physically Unable to Perform. Many players get these labels before the commencement of the NFL season as roasters are created.
Injury during playing football